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  • The CP 0006 and CP 0066 Scabblers are ideal tools for cleaning and roughening concrete and construction joints.
  • They can also be used to produce ornamental or contrasting finishes on road and building structures.
  • With their different handle designs, CP 0006 is more suitable when working on large surface areas whereas the CP 0066 is mainly used for hard to reach areas.
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Additional Product Info & Specs
Description CP 0006 CP 0006 SVR CP 0066
Weight (lbs) 10.0 lbs 14.3 lbs 10 lb
Width (in) 4 2/5 inches 4 2/5 inches 2 inches
Air Consumption (cfm) 28 cfm 28 cfm 15 cfm
No. and Type of Pistons Three 4-point carbide tipped pistons Three 4-point carbide tipped pistons Three 4-point carbide tipped pistons
Comments Back head handle Vibration- Reduced Handle In-line handle for tight areas


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